Snowy & Rosy

Rosy blush is one of my favorite colors.. ever… you may have noticed if you follow my Instagram. I saw this cardigan a few weeks ago at forever 21 and decided not to get it at first. Last weekend I was home again and saw it in stores…the very last one they had was IN MY SIZE so I figured it was meant to be. I snatched this comfy long cardigan up. I wear a lot of plain colors so I’m super excited to have this in my cardigan collection.






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Got this super fabulous scarf at Forever 21 for $7.  I had been wanting it so bad and finally it went on sale! I love just wearing it with a plain coat to make it more fun & “extra”.  I also just so happen to have an exact same color of burgundy pair of loafers. This scarf looks super cute with my Versace backpack and I am LIVING for it!








I was told this outfit made me look like a mom.. wow must be a pretty cool one.

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Ruffles & Red

This sweater had be SHOOK when I saw it. I love how ruffles add so much class to an outfit. Although this sweater is kinda cropped, you can hardly notice it with high waisted jeans. Plus who cares cause it was only $5 at Forever 21’s sale.  Don’t forget to check out the new belt *wink wink* oh and my FAVORITE loafers from Target


Loafers don’t go well with a foot of snow so had to break out the Hunters

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