Dorm Decorating Advice

This time last year, I was freaking out about getting ready to go to college. I had no idea what I should pack or how much, I was soooo worried about not having enough space or just having an ugly room. Hopefully this will help you out a bit as you try to decorate your room! ( I will link everything at the bottom so its easier to see!)


Your bedding is the absolute most important thing for your room, its what you base all of the other decorations off of.  So, get some inspiration from pinterest on the basic styles you want! My style is more glam/chic when decorating so check out my boards if you’re having trouble. I got my bedding from target and all of my pillows and blankets from Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Since I had my bed raised so high, I didn’t want to have to see the junk under my bed.  I just got a simple piece of fur for $5 from Joanne fabrics and stapled it to the base of my bed, no more ugly junk!

Wall Decor

There is a high chance that the walls of your dorm are going to be super ugly. Cover them up as much as possible. I used polka dot wall stickers( from hobby lobby) to try to cover everything up! I also used a flat sheet to cover up the pukey colored pin boards on the wall behind my bed.  AND I got a little crafty and made some wooden picture frames? from Michaels. I spray painted the cool wooden sheet and then modge podged on some of my favorite pictures and BAM! cute wall décor that wont fall off and break!


If you are a fabulous gal like myself, you have a lot of stuff…. you will need somewhere to put it! I got 2 of the biggest storage drawers that I could find, I then spray painted them to match my colors, so it wouldn’t look out of place or cheap.  ( if you get the big ones, you will have to raise your bed super high, I would recommend getting the normal size ones) I also took a pop up closet because I am really weird with my clothes just hanging up for anyone to see, touch or get something on. It was probably the best decision I made, especially after hearing the horror stories that some of my friend had. . . plus it was super cute and organized.  I also got a cute little storage cart, like the ones ALL over pinterest, I used it for my makeup and beauty stuff… IT WAS PERFECT!


Your work station is a super important thing to keep organized. Having cute and purposeful decorations is a necessity. I got some storage boxes from tjmaxx and they had ALL of my odd and ends of stuff. I didn’t want to just have a random first aid kit or hot glue gun sitting out so, these were so useful.. and cute! I also made sure that I got some matchy matchy calender and stationary stuff!


You will most def need a regular area rug and a walk in mat. The walk in mat will help you keep dirt and gunk out of your pretty new room. Both rugs should be bought to tie together your bedding and other décor, I just got a plain colored one! AND keep in mind that your rug will get super gross through out the semester. SO, buy a cheap rug that you’ll be okay with throwing away.

What not to do

  • DO NOT take a bunch of fancy picture frames/bulky wall decor! It takes up so much needed space on your desk. Even if you hang them up with special tape on the wall, they will fall after a while, or you will hit your head on it.  It probably sounds like a good idea to take a bunch of this stuff but, sometimes its better to not have things fall on your face in the middle of the night…
  • DO NOT over clutter, take things that are easy to take down for when you move out! Every decoration you bring should have a purpose. If there is something you absolutely need to take, just take it! But remember, the less clutter the better. No matter how clean an organized you think you are, you will have lazy turd days where you don’t want to fix up all the junk you took!
  • DO NOT obsess over the decorations, you will probably not even spend a lot of time in your room. Just to sleep, get ready and sometimes study! There is a whole campus for your to better spend your time.




Click this to see the products

(Not exactly the things I got, most of my stuff came from TJ Maxx)



I hope this little of advice will help you choose what to take to school! I will hopefully be doing another post for what to pack!  Let me know what you think in the comments!



Vineyard Vines Secrets


Keep on reading to find out how..


1. First method to getting cheap vineyard vines tees

Shop at the outlet stores if you have one near you…. I personally do not so I can only go when I travel somewhere that does.

2. Shop the kids section

If you are normally a ladies size XS-Med , the little boys sizes will fit you just as good as the women’s. If you’re XS or Small, boys Large will fit you great! If you are comfortable size Med, boys XL will fit you!!  And you can save about $20-30 when shopping in the boys sections so pretty much 2 shirts for the price of 1 !!

If you are embarrassed shopping in the boys section, don’t be! I’ve asked the workers and they said that people do it all the time!  Or, you could just pretend like you have children and you’re shopping for them . . . . I sometimes use the excuse that I have 2 little brothers but they’re only 3 and 4 so they wouldn’t fit a size Large quite yet (no one needs to know). If  you are still not cool with shopping in the boys section, just do it online! Only thing is that you wont get free shipping unless you spend $125 or you luck out on a deal!

3. Sign up for birthday rewards

Click here to sign up for vineyard vines bday rewards and they will send you a $25 off coupon!! Off anything!! NO MINIMUM PURCHASE!!


Here comes the Secret! . . . .Get ready!!

SO, How do you get a shirt for $5?

1. Sign up for bday rewards

2. Find a boys T-Shirt that you like and that will fit you

3. Boys T-Shirt ($30) – Bday Coupon ($25 off) : 30-25 = $5 VINEYARD VINES SHIRT !!!


My job here is done, Enjoy!!


Designer Dupes


So, I am in college, as you may have known… that means ya gotta save money when you can. I personally still like to be fabulous at the same time!  Now you get to learn just a few of my secrets for getting the best designer dupes possible.

1. Louis Bags

Good ones are hard to come by most of the time! You need to brush up your knowledge by watching authenticity videos and trying to find the dupe that falls more on the authentic end of the LV spectrum. I personally have a few that I got from my old job (goodwill, lets not talk about that experience ever again) they are top of the line dupes, and I just so happen to have 2 for sale on Poshmark, comment you read this on my blog for 10% off if you want anything from my closet. But anyway, keep your eyes out in thrift stores and on poshmark, they always have a hidden gem somewhere!


2. Cartier Love Bracelets

I got mine from the app called Wish, you basically order it from china and have to wait a month for it to come in. Its super cheap too! To find things on the app, you have to search for unusual things. To get these bracelets search “screw bracelet” or “love bracelet”. They are like $2 each and its pretty cool

3. Chanel, Hermes, Prada Accessories

Get the app Aliexpress, it is not a scam!  Again, a China based company app thing but they have some fun stuff.  Got my Chanel earrings ( type ” cc designer earrings” to find), Hermes belt (type “hbrand belt”,  and my Prada inspired sunglasses (type “designer swirl glasses”) all from this app. I have also ordered many other things but they were just for fun, not any fashionable stuff.  The reason you have to type in weird things on these apps is because they regulate the designer names so if something says Chanel or Louis Vuitton, it will be blocked so you cant see it. I would post the links to the things I got but, once they sell out, they no longer exist on the link.

4. Keep your Research Up

Most “hipster” stores will copy the styles of high fashion brands. For example,  forever 21 has tons of fashion dupes, just gotta keep your eye out on the designers website versus the affordable stores.

5. Make it yourself

Just see my DIY Chanel top  or DIY fringe jeans to get your inspiration. Pinterest is also a great way to find high fashion designer outfits and copy them for a reasonable price.


Thanks for reading!!

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Letters

I like to think of myself as a DIY money saving queen sometimes. I always see lilly letters for sale buy heck no to paying $40 for a t-shirt.. I only paid about $0.60 for this. I already had a plain white T-shirt(if you dont click here, $4 shirt)  So this project costs less than $5 and theoretically you save over $35.  I did this the exact same way that I did my DIY Chanel top. SO, click the this to follow those directions and end up with this result! I will attach the document that I used to print the letters so you know they’ll turn out correct.



Hope this works out for you too!!




DIY Tassel Earrings

Super easy, super cute, super cheap!
What you’ll need:
-whatever color you want embroidery thread
-2 extra 5 inch pieces of that thread 
-pair of stud earrings(ones you don’t wear anymore)
Total cost for materials per pair: $1
To do:
– cut the embroidery thread pack directly in half  
-take one strand of the thread and securely tie it around/in your earring. You may need super glue to make sure it won’t slip
-tie the string that is already attached to the earring through the center of one of the halved chunks of embroidery thread…Be sure to leave a little length in between the earring and the halved chunk so that the tassel will dangle. 


-then simply take one of the extra 5 inch pieces and tie it around the halved chunk so that it looks like a tassel, make sure that this is tight and knot the end of it twice…make sure that the knot faces the back of the earring 
– do for the other earring and you have completed the DIY tassel earrings 
Happy Crafting!

DIY Fringe Jeans


Check out how to make this super cute fringe out of any old pair of jeans!! I wore them yesterday and got SOOOO many compliments!!!
What you need:
  • scissors
  • old jeans, works best with straight leg
  • ruler
  • chalk
  • dryer
  • tweezers
Total Cost: None! everything can be found within your home…hopefully!
How to do it:
  • Get your jeans ready! try them on and see how high up you want the fringe to go and mark with the chalk & do on both sides so it is even
  • Cut the seem off of the end of the jean. Also cut the seems on the sides of the legs up to the chalked point so it will be easier to fringe
  • Only a few more cuts!.. . so next you should cut about 1 inch slits up to chalked point (doesn’t matter exactly how thick the slits are but I found about 1 inch is easiest) do this around the entire bottom of the pant
  • This part gets annoying…. take each slit and pull out the crossing threads with tweezers, sometimes youll get lucky and big chunks will come out
  • Pull apart the pieces of fringe so that there are no cross threads left, don’t have to remove every single cross thread
  • After you do this to EVERY strip of jean, throw the jeans in the dryer for 10 min and it should look like my pictures. Repeat if the fringe still had too many cross threads and didn’t break apart
You are all done! Style your unique pants with a cute pair of shoes and a simple top!
Rock your new pants!!