About Me




Who Am I?

Well, where do I begin…. I am a born and raised Pittsburgher. I frequently travel to NOLA. I attend school for Chemical engineering and will hopefully be graduating a year early in 2019.  Writing is not a strength of mine but I do love to DIY, wear cute clothes and shop for deals.

. . . .I’m also a bit dramatic and sarcastic at times so hopefully you’ll catch on to that. Ooo… and my favorite colors are black and blush/rose.

Why I Blog

Pretty much all my life, I’ve loved to do crafts. As I have grown up, it is pretty comforting for me to still be creative as I was when I was younger.  I’ve been thinking about blogging for a long time and I just recently decided (May 2017) that I should finally do it! I hope to spread my fashion, DIY’s, college tips, beauty favorites and overall passion for  sharing my “life hacks” with the people around me! I look forward to connecting with you all!



My Style

I’m usually super lazy so I throw on the first t-shirt I see when I have to rush to class, that’s why I love vineyard vines. But when I’m not lazy, I try to dress a little more like a preppy glam style. I also like makeup a lot so, when I have time I will go full glam and slay the day.


I like to travel when I can! LOVE LOVE LOVE going to museums.  Errrr I like school I guess because I don’t have to be a real adult yet so that’s nice. I like to go on nature walk and exploring, since I live in the middle of nowhere and there’s not much else to do. I also like to dress up and go places but the amount of places to go dressed up are very slim. Sleeping is a major priority in my life too. Oh, and eating too, at home I eat whatever I want cause grandmas cooking is flawless, unlike my schools foul dining hall.  I’m in a bunch of nerdy math and science clubs too but that apparently seems to only be interesting to me.  Phi Sigma Sigma is the sorority I’m in and ya, that’s pretty entertaining and fun.  P.S. Almost forgot to add in that I’m obsessed with my dobe puppy and we hangout a lot.








Any Suggestions?

I’m an addicted pinterester so I try to do DIYs on the things that I get ideas from on there. If there is ever anything you want to see a DIY on or something you think would be cool to see… let me know

just message me on Instagram @luxlifelil , or send me an email luxlifeoflil@gmail.com