2018 Bucket list & Goals

So, I’m a little late to the whole new year new me thing. I also have been really thinking what I could do to better myself but I cant forget to add the things I NEED to do this year. Hope you enjoy this bucket list & goals I have for 2018!! I am trying to keep them as reasonable as possible.



I really really really wish I had the motivation to go everyday but… that’s not going to happen so I’m not going to pretend. I just want to be more active and go run a few miles instead of taking a mid day nap and eating junk food.  So pretty much just be an overall more healthy person. Plus I took a 1 credit gym class this semester so that motivates me to get an A and go to the gym, 2 for 1 deal right there.

Stay On Top of my Schoolwork

Just want to keep organized and prioritize harder classes instead of getting flustered and pushing it off… and then having to rush through it and not learn anything. I hope to get all A’s and B’s this semester (not including OCHEM2 lol). Thankfully I am super OCD with organizing stuff.. I just got new gel pens and I think I’m love with them!

Become a Senior

So as of right now I am a junior. I should only be a second semester sophomore (class of 2020), but summer classes are benefitting me so much. I have 61 credits and need 90 to be senior status. I am currently taking 18 credits and the abroad program I applied for is 6 so that means I would only need to take another 5 credits in the summer to be a senior by next fall. AKA it is possible that I graduate a year early( spring 2019).. even though I’m only aiming for a semester early(fall 2019). ANYWAY this is a super big goal I have for this year and I hope that I can achieve it!


I am super bad with swearing sometimes. Especially when I am angry or annoyed about something. I just noticed how bad it was over Thanksgiving when I was at my dads and I had to watch what I said around my little brothers. But whatever I’ll try my best but more like cut down on it than completely stop.


I don’t normally give a shiz about what peoples opinions are…. on anything. I want to keep it that way. People try so hard to be negative about everything and honestly they can F right off. I’m super honest and upfront with what I think so.. people hate that. Can’t let the haterzzz get what they want! BYE!


Bucket List:

Go to Disney

wooh wooh! This is actually my Birthday gift from my gram but I am just so excited for it! It hard to travel when in college cause we hardly get any breaks and I can’t just miss a week of class. Disney is my #1 favorite vacation to go on… even more than the Caribbean! ITS THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!! I cannot wait for spring break yayy!!

Study Abroad: Florence

So the abroad program I am applying for is called Engineering the Renaissance in Florence, Italy. I really reaaallly hope I get accepted into it because its a dream! its a 6 week program in the summer and I think it is an amazing opportunity. I will know early February if I get accepted.. let us pray!


In the coming year I hope to become more active in the blogging community. I want to do more collabs with fellow bloggers and support each other!  It is in my bucket list to do at least 10 blogger collabs! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Go to Canada

Never been there and I live only a few hours away. Plus I kinda wanna experience a casino and I cant go to any in the US  (I’m not 21). I have a passport, a car, and hopefully I can find some friends that wanna go!


Thanks for reading!





First Day of Fall Semester!!

Sorry for the inactivity, moving back to school has kept me extra busy! Since its labor day weekend I’m trying to catch up 🙂  Oh an did I mention that my phone is broken so my camera won’t work now. Shoutout to my best friend for letting me steal her phone so many times this week for pictures..  ugh only 46 more days til my upgrade.

So here is my first day of school outfit!  Denim ruffle shirt (TjMaxx) with embroidered jeans(Macys)! Of course I had to wear my new pink shoes (TjMaxx) matched with my pale pink belt  (forever 21).   I was excited for the first day of school, its over… can’t wait for the last day now!




Yes this is my bestfriend! luv her


Here are some boomerangs we took too!!




Thanks for reading!!



Freshman Tips

This applies mainly to college and somewhat to high school.  Every school is different but here are some of the things that I find most useful.

  1. Don’t be Shy

You are in a new place and you will meet great new friends. You have to get out of your comfort zone a little to make these friends!!

     2. Join a bunch of clubs/ go to campus activites

For one, its a great resume builder and you’ll meet lots of people with similar interests. Great place to make friends and have something to do!! Also, if your campus has greek life, I would recommend it!! Lots of fun and you’ll always have friends that want to do something with you!

    3. Skip freshman orientation

Just a big waste of time for them to tell you a bunch of obvious stuff.  Make friends with someone that wants to go to it and have them give you the important info.

    4. Just lower your standards of good food

The food tastes like crap but if you just lower your expectations it can be tolerable. If you want to know more info about what I ate my first semester click here

    5. Don’t over pack

No junk.. Click here for my packing list. I also have some dorm décor advice so click here for that.

   6. Schoolwork before fun

Get the homework and studying overwith BEFORE you go out and do fun stuff. Don’t procrastinate or push off homework. Rip off the homework bandaid and just do it.

   7.  Talk to your advisor regularly

The better they know you, the more they can help you pick classes and move forward in your degree.  Plus the more you visit your advisor, the more they WANT to make sure you get everything you need. Say if a class is full, they can make a special adjustment to get you into the class. They’ll only do this if they know your an active student and deserve it.

   8. Go to your Professors office hours

If you have any questions or hesitations then you should 100% go to your professor just to clarify. Plus you will stand out amongst your class if you take that initiative and your prof will know you are serious about the class. So some profs might grade your assignments a bit more lienient compared to people that don’t do their homework or put no effort into the class.  Plus its their job to help you


9.  Don’t be afraid to get a tutor

I have had a bunch of hard classes all at once. I got tutors for the ones I had less interest in. I could have stuggled to learn the material alone but the tutors just help you get a better understanding of the content. I liked to spend the time with my tutor doing homework and example problems. Mine were for Physics 2 and Calc 2 and I ended up getting good grades in those classes and did not struggle at all.


10. Always go to class

Some proffessors give bonus oppurtunities for those that come to class. PLUS they might tell you exact questions that can be on the test

11. Do your Laundry

Clean laundry=less clutter. Make sure you set timers on your phone do get it exactly when its done. People will throw your clothes on the ground if you are not there when the cycle finishes.

12. Studying

You can do it in your room BUT in the library is much better.  You will easily lose focus in your room. Plus the library is nice and quiet and that’s where the printers are.

 13. Try to be friends with your roommate

A lot of people get fed up with their roommates. I ended up just being the “Mom” of my roomates. Bascially I just took care of them when they were sick and made sure they weren’t too too bad at parties and stuff. I think I’m just a little more experienced with the life aspect of college. I know how to take care of myself and clean so like I don’t mind doing it. Anyways, Love my roomies to death and ill miss living with them this year.

14. Don’t get involved with drama

A lot of people will be “stuck in high school” all they wanna do is party and talk shit on people.  You are literally an adult. Grow up. Drama is pathetic and so are the people that initiate it. Not everyone is a saint but sometimes you just have to tell people to fuck off. oops.


Yes its college. But you shouldn’t be nervous and stress about small things. Save the stressing for midterms and finals.



Hope this helps & thanks for reading!