DIY Wooden Sign



Here’s a super easy DIY Décor gift that I gave to my mom!  It’s super cute to just hang in a living room or hallway. Its made completely out of pallet wood. I had some help but you pretty much just nail it all together and bam its done! I didn’t sand it or anything to keep it looking rustic-ish


Then I just stained it, waited for it to dry and painted the first letter of my last name. Then wrote my last name in cursive in a different contrasting color ( it is a little messy but it was my first one) .



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New Room Tour!!

Hi everyone! As requested, I am doing a room tour for my new bedroom!

I made a quick video tour ( not the best at recording)! I hope you enjoy the tour! DIYs will be up soon for my dresser/décor!





Here is the video!





Hope you enjoyed this quick tour! I will have another quick one of my Instagram story!




Décor DIY fix/haul

So this week I went shopping for my new room (tour coming soon) ! Anyway as I was taking the table I got out of my car, I accidentally took a BIG CHUNK OUT OF IT UGH… So here’s a quick little DIY tutorial to fixing little things like this. Oh, and a haul of everything I got!










I got 2 yummy candles and a set of the super fabulous boxes to put a bunch of my junk in. Always need more storage and these are absolutely perfect!! ( Especially if youre going to college). I also got a faux marble side table( the thing that I’m about to fix)



This is what it looked like before…




AHHH tragic




So slap some paint on that nasty lookin chunk so that it matches the color of the table.


Then put a coat of modpodge on it.




Then just dump some glitter on it and BAM you’re done.. fixed the tragedy, now it kinda looks like a geode. Its so sparkly now that it just reflects any fugliness.





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