Décor DIY fix/haul

So this week I went shopping for my new room (tour coming soon) ! Anyway as I was taking the table I got out of my car, I accidentally took a BIG CHUNK OUT OF IT UGH… So here’s a quick little DIY tutorial to fixing little things like this. Oh, and a haul of everything I got!










I got 2 yummy candles and a set of the super fabulous boxes to put a bunch of my junk in. Always need more storage and these are absolutely perfect!! ( Especially if youre going to college). I also got a faux marble side table( the thing that I’m about to fix)



This is what it looked like before…




AHHH tragic




So slap some paint on that nasty lookin chunk so that it matches the color of the table.


Then put a coat of modpodge on it.




Then just dump some glitter on it and BAM you’re done.. fixed the tragedy, now it kinda looks like a geode. Its so sparkly now that it just reflects any fugliness.





Thanks for reading!!



Lilly Binder Templates

So every semester I update my binders for school. I ALWAYS use Lilly Pulitzer patterns to organize my different classes. I figured since school starts soon that I would make my new templates and upload them here, just incase you don’t have time to make your own!  Just click on the links at the bottom to download and edit the documents with your class and name!





Must use on desktop/ laptop otherwise it does not copy correctly!






Blue Market

Tropical (top left corner)



Hope you found these useful!!




DIY Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Letters

I like to think of myself as a DIY money saving queen sometimes. I always see lilly letters for sale buy heck no to paying $40 for a t-shirt.. I only paid about $0.60 for this. I already had a plain white T-shirt(if you dont click here, $4 shirt)  So this project costs less than $5 and theoretically you save over $35.  I did this the exact same way that I did my DIY Chanel top. SO, click the this to follow those directions and end up with this result! I will attach the document that I used to print the letters so you know they’ll turn out correct.



Hope this works out for you too!!




DIY Tassel Earrings

Super easy, super cute, super cheap!
What you’ll need:
-whatever color you want embroidery thread
-2 extra 5 inch pieces of that thread 
-pair of stud earrings(ones you don’t wear anymore)
Total cost for materials per pair: $1
To do:
– cut the embroidery thread pack directly in half  
-take one strand of the thread and securely tie it around/in your earring. You may need super glue to make sure it won’t slip
-tie the string that is already attached to the earring through the center of one of the halved chunks of embroidery thread…Be sure to leave a little length in between the earring and the halved chunk so that the tassel will dangle. 


-then simply take one of the extra 5 inch pieces and tie it around the halved chunk so that it looks like a tassel, make sure that this is tight and knot the end of it twice…make sure that the knot faces the back of the earring 
– do for the other earring and you have completed the DIY tassel earrings 
Happy Crafting!

DIY Fringe Jeans


Check out how to make this super cute fringe out of any old pair of jeans!! I wore them yesterday and got SOOOO many compliments!!!
What you need:
  • scissors
  • old jeans, works best with straight leg
  • ruler
  • chalk
  • dryer
  • tweezers
Total Cost: None! everything can be found within your home…hopefully!
How to do it:
  • Get your jeans ready! try them on and see how high up you want the fringe to go and mark with the chalk & do on both sides so it is even
  • Cut the seem off of the end of the jean. Also cut the seems on the sides of the legs up to the chalked point so it will be easier to fringe
  • Only a few more cuts!.. . so next you should cut about 1 inch slits up to chalked point (doesn’t matter exactly how thick the slits are but I found about 1 inch is easiest) do this around the entire bottom of the pant
  • This part gets annoying…. take each slit and pull out the crossing threads with tweezers, sometimes youll get lucky and big chunks will come out
  • Pull apart the pieces of fringe so that there are no cross threads left, don’t have to remove every single cross thread
  • After you do this to EVERY strip of jean, throw the jeans in the dryer for 10 min and it should look like my pictures. Repeat if the fringe still had too many cross threads and didn’t break apart
You are all done! Style your unique pants with a cute pair of shoes and a simple top!
Rock your new pants!!


DIY Nautical Picture Frame

Ever see things in store that are super expensive but you know you could make it yourself? That’s  what I thought when I saw this picture frame cost $80 at Nordstrom……I decided to make this one myself..


So this was super easy to make and only cost $4!!!!!
All you need is
  • Nautical Rope (Michaels Craft Store $3/10yds)
  • Picture Frame (Dollar Tree $1)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
Lets Begin!!


  1. Gather your materials
  2. Start gluing rope from inner corner.. its easier to cover the ends of the rope if you go in to out
  3. keep looping around
  4. keep looped… until you reach the edge
  5. As you get towards the corners, try to flatten the rope into the shape of the edge as you glue
  6. Once the frame is covered… You are done!
YES it is that easy!!!
As always, Comment any questions!
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Happy Crafting!!



DIY ANTHING with STICKERS!!!! Boring laptop? bland water bottle? bare car?


Just look how cute


My laptop is also covered!
Most “preppy” brands will send you free stickers.. all you have to do is email the company or fill out a request on their website!

Here are a few websites:


Hattan Home

Southern Marsh

or buy some on Redbubble

Vineyard Vines also gives free stickers online with a purchase or just stop in-store and ask
or just email your favorite brand’s customer service and nicely ask if they are willing to send you free stickers for your car, agenda,laptop, ect.

Thanks for reading!