DIY Wooden Sign



Here’s a super easy DIY Décor gift that I gave to my mom!  It’s super cute to just hang in a living room or hallway. Its made completely out of pallet wood. I had some help but you pretty much just nail it all together and bam its done! I didn’t sand it or anything to keep it looking rustic-ish


Then I just stained it, waited for it to dry and painted the first letter of my last name. Then wrote my last name in cursive in a different contrasting color ( it is a little messy but it was my first one) .



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DIY Caramels



Caramels are a super easy and cheap little gift to give. Just follow the instructions from this recipe and put them in a cute container to give away!


(for this recipe, I would use ALOT less butter… these turned out a bit too soft and I had to freeze them to roll up)










The perfect little gift! Its all about the presentation.







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DIY Ornaments





Glitter, feathers, pearls…..WHATEVER you want. You can put anything you want in these to completely customize them. All you need is a clear ornament and whatever you want to customize it with.




Here is what I used:


  1. Make a quick little funnel out of paper
  2. Take the top off of the ornamentimg_1174
  3. Before adding glitter, spray some hairspray inside of it so it sticks to the walls of the ornamentimg_1175
  4. Insert the funnel promptly after spraying hairspray (so that it doesn’t dry) and add bunch of glitterimg_1176
  5. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!! be sure that the glitter entirely covers the walls of the ornament
  6. Add whatever writing/drawings you want on the ornament and then you’re done!!

For Everything Else:


  1. Use the funnel if necessary
  2. Push the stuff you want inside (pearls or feathers, ect.)
  3. DONE!




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