Perfect Valentines Tee

It was love at first sight……  in H&M…..when I saw this shirt ( I would link it but its not on the website) . It is the perfect Valentines Tee. You can dress it up or down ( even with sweatpants). Plus we found such a cute red bridge for pictures, perfect for this outfit. Had to stop at starbs on the way to get my trenta pink drink with NO ICE; ice is a ripoff.





Calvin Sweats are the best pants to wear with any tee..soooo comfy

Paired this with my gold booties and kate spade belt



Shoes: Old Navy// Belt: Kate Spade//Top: H&M// Jeans: Charlotte Russe//Watch: Kate Spade// Coat: Michael Kors


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LuxLifeLil x Les Georgettes by Altesse USA

So recently I have collaborated with the brand Les Georgettes by Altesse USA !! We are doing a Valentines giveaway for a bracelet from the brand. Be sure to go enter on my Instagram! I look forward to hearing feedback and brightening your Valentines Day. Special thank you to the brand for being so generous!! Here are some pictures from the Valentines Photoshoot. Enjoy!  BTW you can never have too much FUR!!! So completely oobsessed with this coat I got for Christmas.





Heres some cute boomerangs too^^^


Thank you so much to my amazing friends/photographers and Les Georgette by Altesse USA!




2018 Bucket list & Goals

So, I’m a little late to the whole new year new me thing. I also have been really thinking what I could do to better myself but I cant forget to add the things I NEED to do this year. Hope you enjoy this bucket list & goals I have for 2018!! I am trying to keep them as reasonable as possible.



I really really really wish I had the motivation to go everyday but… that’s not going to happen so I’m not going to pretend. I just want to be more active and go run a few miles instead of taking a mid day nap and eating junk food.  So pretty much just be an overall more healthy person. Plus I took a 1 credit gym class this semester so that motivates me to get an A and go to the gym, 2 for 1 deal right there.

Stay On Top of my Schoolwork

Just want to keep organized and prioritize harder classes instead of getting flustered and pushing it off… and then having to rush through it and not learn anything. I hope to get all A’s and B’s this semester (not including OCHEM2 lol). Thankfully I am super OCD with organizing stuff.. I just got new gel pens and I think I’m love with them!

Become a Senior

So as of right now I am a junior. I should only be a second semester sophomore (class of 2020), but summer classes are benefitting me so much. I have 61 credits and need 90 to be senior status. I am currently taking 18 credits and the abroad program I applied for is 6 so that means I would only need to take another 5 credits in the summer to be a senior by next fall. AKA it is possible that I graduate a year early( spring 2019).. even though I’m only aiming for a semester early(fall 2019). ANYWAY this is a super big goal I have for this year and I hope that I can achieve it!


I am super bad with swearing sometimes. Especially when I am angry or annoyed about something. I just noticed how bad it was over Thanksgiving when I was at my dads and I had to watch what I said around my little brothers. But whatever I’ll try my best but more like cut down on it than completely stop.


I don’t normally give a shiz about what peoples opinions are…. on anything. I want to keep it that way. People try so hard to be negative about everything and honestly they can F right off. I’m super honest and upfront with what I think so.. people hate that. Can’t let the haterzzz get what they want! BYE!


Bucket List:

Go to Disney

wooh wooh! This is actually my Birthday gift from my gram but I am just so excited for it! It hard to travel when in college cause we hardly get any breaks and I can’t just miss a week of class. Disney is my #1 favorite vacation to go on… even more than the Caribbean! ITS THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!! I cannot wait for spring break yayy!!

Study Abroad: Florence

So the abroad program I am applying for is called Engineering the Renaissance in Florence, Italy. I really reaaallly hope I get accepted into it because its a dream! its a 6 week program in the summer and I think it is an amazing opportunity. I will know early February if I get accepted.. let us pray!


In the coming year I hope to become more active in the blogging community. I want to do more collabs with fellow bloggers and support each other!  It is in my bucket list to do at least 10 blogger collabs! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Go to Canada

Never been there and I live only a few hours away. Plus I kinda wanna experience a casino and I cant go to any in the US  (I’m not 21). I have a passport, a car, and hopefully I can find some friends that wanna go!


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