New Room Tour!!

Hi everyone! As requested, I am doing a room tour for my new bedroom!

I made a quick video tour ( not the best at recording)! I hope you enjoy the tour! DIYs will be up soon for my dresser/décor!





Here is the video!





Hope you enjoyed this quick tour! I will have another quick one of my Instagram story!




Décor DIY fix/haul

So this week I went shopping for my new room (tour coming soon) ! Anyway as I was taking the table I got out of my car, I accidentally took a BIG CHUNK OUT OF IT UGH… So here’s a quick little DIY tutorial to fixing little things like this. Oh, and a haul of everything I got!










I got 2 yummy candles and a set of the super fabulous boxes to put a bunch of my junk in. Always need more storage and these are absolutely perfect!! ( Especially if youre going to college). I also got a faux marble side table( the thing that I’m about to fix)



This is what it looked like before…




AHHH tragic




So slap some paint on that nasty lookin chunk so that it matches the color of the table.


Then put a coat of modpodge on it.




Then just dump some glitter on it and BAM you’re done.. fixed the tragedy, now it kinda looks like a geode. Its so sparkly now that it just reflects any fugliness.





Thanks for reading!!


Blush & Gingham

Hi everyone! Had a big speech this week in class, of course I had to dress up a bit! I wore these super comfy gingham dress pants and a blush  bell sleeve top.  Its perfect for school, a presentation (of course) or just an everyday outfit!!  These are made of a lightweight material so, perfect for summer!







Hope you enjoyed this little photoshoot!
Thanks for reading!



DIY Chanel Top

We all have dreams of wearing high fashion designer clothes, but …… not all of us want to spend hundreds of dollars on it. Check out this DIY Chanel top!!!

So this was super easy to make..
Here is what you will need
  • a piece of clothing
  • X-acto knife
  • printer transfer sheets

  • a printer
  • ironing board
  • iron
  1. find a blank picture of the Chanel logo, copy it onto Microsoft word and flip the image vertically so that it looks backwards
  2. follow the directions for the transfer sheet printing and print your logo onto the page
  3. use the X-acto knife to trace around all of the letters to get rid of the clear film, if you do not remove the clear film, there will be a lot of ugly residue on your shirt
  4. To prepare your shirt, make sure to iron over the spot you will be putting the logo onto(to get rid of wrinkles)
  5. place the transfer paper onto the piece of clothing and then make sure it is centered with the ink side down( the logo should look normal through the paper if you did it correctly)
  6. make sure your iron is on with the steam settings OFF!!!
  7. take your iron and press it directly onto the logo and hold for a few seconds and then move it to another spot on the logo, repeat this until the logo has had about 45 seconds of heat in each spot
  8. Wait for the paper to completely cool off and then gently peel it back
  9. If the ink isn’t cleanly peeling off of the paper, Iron for about 20 more seconds in each spot
  10. Once the paper comes of clearly….. you are done!!!
Transfer Paper……$10×40%coupon/10sheets= $0.60
Other items were previously owned
TOTAL: $8.60
Hope you enjoy this DIY Chanel top that was super cheap & cost less than $9 to make!!! Pair it with a neutral tote bag to complete the chic look. . . .I paired mine with an army green Longchamp!! College budget still intact after this high designer DIY!!

P.S. feel free to comment any DIYs you would like to see or how you styled your new outfit!!


Happy Crafting!