Ready for Fall

So the weather is starting to feel like fall….. my FAVORITE season. I am super excited to wear my favorite colors and boots! FINALLY!  Since I’m so excited, I had a little fall photoshoot before my sorority retreat this weekend. Enjoy!





























Had such a fun weekend! Cannot wait ’til fall officially starts!!





Top//Jcrew, Belt//Ralph Lauren, Shoes//Toms, Bag//Marshalls, Jeans//Marshalls, Earrings//Givenchy



DIY Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Letters

I like to think of myself as a DIY money saving queen sometimes. I always see lilly letters for sale buy heck no to paying $40 for a t-shirt.. I only paid about $0.60 for this. I already had a plain white T-shirt(if you dont click here, $4 shirt)  So this project costs less than $5 and theoretically you save over $35.  I did this the exact same way that I did my DIY Chanel top. SO, click the this to follow those directions and end up with this result! I will attach the document that I used to print the letters so you know they’ll turn out correct.



Hope this works out for you too!!




DIY Sorority letters

Hi everyone!

Today I was looking at some sorority letters online. I have a hard time finding shirts that I like so, I decided to make my own… just the way I like it…and it only cost about $2!!

Ready to make this yourself?
Here is what you’ll need
  • Plain shirt (old/new) . . . . . I used a plain body suit that I found in the back of my closet
  • Iron on sequins . . . . . don’t forget your coupons !!!!
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Patience
To begin making the shirt
1. Pull up a picture of your sororities letters… Mine is ΦΣΣ
2. Decide how big and where you want the letters to be on your shirt
3. Begin cutting the sequins and forming your letters with it
4. If you have round letters, I suggest cutting triangles out of the sequins so it doesn’t overlap when you bend it
5. After you have your letters completed, place them on the shirt EXACTLY how you want them
6. To iron on, make sure your shirt is completely flat on the ironing board and that the steam setting is shut off on your iron. Place a piece of paper on top of the sequins so the sequins don’t melt or burn. Hold the iron down on the piece of paper for about 15 seconds… do not slide the iron because it can displace your letters.
7. You are done ironing once you can lift the paper and none of the sequin ribbon is popping off of the shirt
8. You are DONE!!! yep, its that easy
Cutting technique for round letters
Extra Tips:
  • Make sure your shirt is wrinkle-free
  • Do not use a super tight shirt for this as the letters can pop off if they are stretched too much.
  • Mark where you want the letters to be located while you have the shirt on
  • Do not hold the iron in one place for too long or you will burn something
  • Be careful washing this, the sequins are very delicate and can come off. . . .  I will be hand-washing mine
  • You can do this DIY for anything, not just sorority stuff!!
  • If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me
Why spend tons of money on letters when you can make this for $2!!!
(if you already have an old shirt you want to recycle)
Happy Crafting!!