Next Hair Color??

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a little over a week, between school and moving, I haven’t had much time to spare!


But anyway, my most recent dilemma is… WHAT HAIR COLOR DO I WANT NEXT?? Ive been trying to decide all week and my appointment is next Wednesday.. AHHH

I’m going to drop some pictures and I need YOU to help me decide what I want to try.. your opinion will help!! I know I want an ombre of some sort but I’m not too sure about the colors, remember that I’m super pale so that is a factor when picking hair color ( but anything is better than black right?)



Look at my Pinterest for more of an idea of what I might want and please give me any opinion you have!!



Thanks for your help!!



Hair Transformation, Black to Brown

I have been box dying my hair black for years.. at the time it was simple and cheap. . . what a mistake that was.






This color took over a month and four appointments to achieve from black
lots of lightening treatments results in lots of processed hair.. gotta start taking better care of it!!
Thank god one of my best friends(@_cut.color.chelsea_) is a hair stylist and was willing to fix my hair for me! She also gave me a few pro tips…
  • Never box dye your hair
  • Don’t use ANY drug store hair products…. they ruin your hair with sulfates and other chemicals! Just spend the extra money for a better product& healthy hair
  • Get your dead ends cut every few weeks
  • Brand name drugstore hair products are more expensive than if you were to buy them in the salon
  • DONT FORGET TO USE HEAT PROTECTANT no matter what tool you use! Including your blow dryer!
I threw away ALL of my drugstore hair products.. and I mean everything… I completely restocked my supply with proper healthy hair brands from the salon
Keep your friends close and your stylist friends closer!
Don’t forget to follow me(@luxurious_life_of_lil) and my personal sylist(@_cut.color.chelsea_) on Instagram. . . . feel free to comment or message one of us on Instagram if you have any questions!!
If you want to know more about drugstore hair products, watch one of these videos!

P.S. here is a pic of my new hair in better lighting!
Thanks for reading!