Lilly Binder Templates

So every semester I update my binders for school. I ALWAYS use Lilly Pulitzer patterns to organize my different classes. I figured since school starts soon that I would make my new templates and upload them here, just incase you don’t have time to make your own!  Just click on the links at the bottom to download and edit the documents with your class and name!





Must use on desktop/ laptop otherwise it does not copy correctly!






Blue Market

Tropical (top left corner)



Hope you found these useful!!




Summer Seersucker


I’m always so excited for summer, not because schools out or because of the nice weather, but for my favorite summer patterns to be back in style. MY ABSOLUTE favorite pattern is seersucker! Its such a classic print and can really be worn with anything, its a necessity!


Todays post is a collab with @thecrewprepster  since we both LOVE seersucker!  Enjoy!






IMG_5400ALWAYS gotta accessorize








Hope you enjoyed seeing this little collab! I had such a good time planning and wearing my all time favorite pattern! Be sure to check out @thecrewprepster and her blog!

Thanks for reading!!




Outfit details: Top//TJmaxx, Pants//Charlotte Russe, Necklace//Ralph Lauren, Bracelet//Baublebar, Watch//Michael Kors ,Suglasses//Urban Outfitters, Shoes//Sperry



Vineyard Vines Secrets


Keep on reading to find out how..


1. First method to getting cheap vineyard vines tees

Shop at the outlet stores if you have one near you…. I personally do not so I can only go when I travel somewhere that does.

2. Shop the kids section

If you are normally a ladies size XS-Med , the little boys sizes will fit you just as good as the women’s. If you’re XS or Small, boys Large will fit you great! If you are comfortable size Med, boys XL will fit you!!  And you can save about $20-30 when shopping in the boys sections so pretty much 2 shirts for the price of 1 !!

If you are embarrassed shopping in the boys section, don’t be! I’ve asked the workers and they said that people do it all the time!  Or, you could just pretend like you have children and you’re shopping for them . . . . I sometimes use the excuse that I have 2 little brothers but they’re only 3 and 4 so they wouldn’t fit a size Large quite yet (no one needs to know). If  you are still not cool with shopping in the boys section, just do it online! Only thing is that you wont get free shipping unless you spend $125 or you luck out on a deal!

3. Sign up for birthday rewards

Click here to sign up for vineyard vines bday rewards and they will send you a $25 off coupon!! Off anything!! NO MINIMUM PURCHASE!!


Here comes the Secret! . . . .Get ready!!

SO, How do you get a shirt for $5?

1. Sign up for bday rewards

2. Find a boys T-Shirt that you like and that will fit you

3. Boys T-Shirt ($30) – Bday Coupon ($25 off) : 30-25 = $5 VINEYARD VINES SHIRT !!!


My job here is done, Enjoy!!


DIY Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Letters

I like to think of myself as a DIY money saving queen sometimes. I always see lilly letters for sale buy heck no to paying $40 for a t-shirt.. I only paid about $0.60 for this. I already had a plain white T-shirt(if you dont click here, $4 shirt)  So this project costs less than $5 and theoretically you save over $35.  I did this the exact same way that I did my DIY Chanel top. SO, click the this to follow those directions and end up with this result! I will attach the document that I used to print the letters so you know they’ll turn out correct.



Hope this works out for you too!!




Blush & Gingham

Hi everyone! Had a big speech this week in class, of course I had to dress up a bit! I wore these super comfy gingham dress pants and a blush  bell sleeve top.  Its perfect for school, a presentation (of course) or just an everyday outfit!!  These are made of a lightweight material so, perfect for summer!







Hope you enjoyed this little photoshoot!
Thanks for reading!



DIY Tassel Earrings

Super easy, super cute, super cheap!
What you’ll need:
-whatever color you want embroidery thread
-2 extra 5 inch pieces of that thread 
-pair of stud earrings(ones you don’t wear anymore)
Total cost for materials per pair: $1
To do:
– cut the embroidery thread pack directly in half  
-take one strand of the thread and securely tie it around/in your earring. You may need super glue to make sure it won’t slip
-tie the string that is already attached to the earring through the center of one of the halved chunks of embroidery thread…Be sure to leave a little length in between the earring and the halved chunk so that the tassel will dangle. 


-then simply take one of the extra 5 inch pieces and tie it around the halved chunk so that it looks like a tassel, make sure that this is tight and knot the end of it twice…make sure that the knot faces the back of the earring 
– do for the other earring and you have completed the DIY tassel earrings 
Happy Crafting!

DIY Nautical Picture Frame

Ever see things in store that are super expensive but you know you could make it yourself? That’s  what I thought when I saw this picture frame cost $80 at Nordstrom……I decided to make this one myself..


So this was super easy to make and only cost $4!!!!!
All you need is
  • Nautical Rope (Michaels Craft Store $3/10yds)
  • Picture Frame (Dollar Tree $1)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
Lets Begin!!


  1. Gather your materials
  2. Start gluing rope from inner corner.. its easier to cover the ends of the rope if you go in to out
  3. keep looping around
  4. keep looped… until you reach the edge
  5. As you get towards the corners, try to flatten the rope into the shape of the edge as you glue
  6. Once the frame is covered… You are done!
YES it is that easy!!!
As always, Comment any questions!
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Happy Crafting!!